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    Aortitis develops against the background of Azithromycin pills to various organs and systems, therefore it is recommended to consult related specialists who will determine which diagnostic methods should be prescribed to the patient.

    Differential (distinctive) diagnosis of the described pathology should be carried out with isolated diseases of organs that can develop without the presence of aortitis - these are: ischemic heart disease (CHD); atherosclerotic lesions of the aorta; abdominal toad - pain attacks in the abdomen; renal hypertension. The type of complications depends on which part of the aorta is affected.

    when drawn into the pathological process of the ascending part - myocardial infarction (necrosis of a section of the heart muscle due to a violation of its blood supply), heart failure; with damage to the thoracic part - a violation of the blood supply to the lungs, followed by a heart attack (necrosis of a certain area); with damage to the abdominal aorta - intestinal infarction (develops on the same principle as a similar lesion of the heart and lungs), renal hypertension (persistent regular increase in blood pressure associated with renal ischemia).

    Regardless of which part of the aorta is affected, the following complications can develop: aortic stenosis - its narrowing; thrombosis - the formation of Zithromax clot on the inner surface of the aortic wall; thromboembolism - separation of a blood clot and blockage of any vessel; rupture of the aortic wall is one of the most dangerous complications, as it leads to fatal bleeding, which is why death quickly occurs.

    Aortitis is a typical inflammation, therefore, anti-inflammatory treatment is carried out taking into account causative factors. The main purposes are as follows: antibacterial agents - with infectious aortitis;non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; corticosteroids - with an autoimmune nature of the disease. It is also important to stop the disease, against which aortitis arose.

    Treatment of the disease is generally conservative, but some complications may require surgical correction: removal of the aneurysm; prosthetics of a non-viable part of Azithromycin with pronounced changes in its wall.

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